We are in The Guardian Newspaper!

UKO Energy is a green and ethical company that works to reduce carbon emissions, provide jobs for people in need of them across Great Britain as well as donate 5% of its profits back to charities.

They are on the front lines fighting climate change with every project they complete!

The Guardian newspaper recently published an article about this news-worthy organization so read more below.

16th of July 2022 Copy of The Guardian (Green and Ethical Checklist)

We have had a lot to contend with in the last few years. It was COVID-19, then the war in Ukraine and then the rise in electricity prices, with another due in October. Surely, enough is enough.

With its customers in mind, UKO Energy is transforming the way Britain receives its power. UKO Energy has the solution with on-site generation using the latest renewable technology, including the world-famous Hanergy solar and micro panels.

Zandra Flores, the CEO, a relatively young female British-Filipino scientist turned eco-warrior, is leading a new campaign to help businesses become energy independent. It is through the methodology of self-generation at ZERO capital cost, ZERO maintenance cost and ZERO indexation.

There is also massive pressure on companies to reach their net-zero goals; if they don’t do anything, then they will get penalised. The time has come for UK businesses to take control of their energy future and become energy independent. It is easy for businesses as there are many benefits of self-generation, including:

•        ZERO capital cost – as UKO Energy will fund the technology, there is no capital costs/investment required from the customer.

•        Reduce your carbon footprint – as we generate renewable energy for you, you are reducing your carbon footprint and helping the environment.

UKO Energy is dedicated to helping businesses reach their net-zero goals. Contact us on 03301131200 or visit www.ukoenergy.com  and take advantage of our free design service to see what can be generated on your site.