At UKO Energy, we genuinely put our customers first by fixing electricity prices for 15 years and providing green solutions that power them towards net-zero.


We put you first by offering green electricity at a fixed rate for 15 years so your business can take back control of your expenses and transition off fossil fuels.


To create a world where every business has the opportunity to achieve net-zero carbon emissions and save money while utilising green energy.

UKO Energy is a specialist in the installation of a wide range of green energy measures, providing a sustainable alternative to your current provider, and at zero capital cost.

We can secure your agreed rate for you for 15 years. It means that you are guaranteed no further price rises, giving you peace of mind and fixed security. In addition, we will supply and maintain your electricity to ensure it runs at the optimum level.

We will NEVER charge installation costs, and you will benefit from no maintenance costs for the duration of your supply. It is because we fully maintain the equipment and monitor it carefully.

Above all, you will now benefit from renewable energy, so you are contributing to the protection of our planet. Other energy companies charge higher rates for renewable energy. We don’t. We believe in green at a fair price for everyone. Using our services, you can meet your social and corporate responsibilities at no direct cost to yourself and reap the savings benefits.

We provide our clients with on-site generation, which is a highly reliable power source and a guarantee of long-term price stability.